The Structure of the Vietnamese Noun Phrase

the structure of the vietnamese noun phrase?The Structure of the Vietnamese Noun Phrase
Author: Von Tuong Nguyen
Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
Publication date: 2004>2008
ISBN: 978-3-639-06093-5
Number of pages: 205
Format: PDF/excellent
Size: 1,43MB

As a classifier language, Vietnamese is an interesting case study of the internal structure of noun phrases. This book is a study of the Vietnamese Noun Phrase from a generative perspective. The Vietnamese Noun Phrase is analyzed as a DP, which contains multiple functional projections, including Classifier, Numeral, Demonstrative, and Determiner Phrases. Controversial issues such as the existence of lexical articles in Vietnamese, the extra CÁI, and the distinction between classifiers and measure words
are also discussed.
Crosslinguistic evidence supports the proposed analysis for Vietnamese. The nominal word order typology across Austro-Asiatic, Austro-Tai, and Sino-Tibetan language families is demonstrated to derive from the same underlying structure. It is
parametric differences between languages that govern movement possibilities within DP, resulting in the differing linear word order patterns. A unified analysis of the typology of DPs involving demonstrative and demonstrative reinforcers across
languages is also proposed. The results of this study provide insight into the understanding and analysis of noun phrase structure, both in Vietnamese and crosslinguistically.

Remarks: this is the original dissertation accepted in 2004 and published commercially in 2008 with 224 pages

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