glorious work in the world welsh methodism and the international evangelical revival 1735-1750?

Title: Glorious Work in the World: Welsh Methodism and the International Evangelical Revival, 1735-1750 (University of Wales Press – Studies in Welsh History)
Author: David Ceri Jones
Publisher: University of Wales Press
Publication Date: 2004-11-01
Number Of Pages: 386
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: .pdf
Size: 2.3mb

Asserting that the Welsh revival was just one part of a much wider pan-Protestant phenomenon, this survey focuses on the Welsh revival’s relationship with its various sister awakenings in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, and the American colonies. Details on how Methodists in Wales communicated with their fellow evangelicals, how the Welsh revivalists influenced the wider movement, and how international evangelicalism fundamentally affected the development of Welsh Methodism place the Welsh revival within the context of the wider 18th-century Protestant movement.



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