The Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary: A Guide to the Living Language

The Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary: A Guide to the Living Language
Author: Gareth King
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 2000
Number of pages: 562
Format: pdf / high
Size: 6.75 Mb

This dictionary is intended for the growing number of learners of modern Welsh in all walks of life, and is designed with their needs in mind.
It represents a departure from traditional dictionaries which, particularly for Welsh, have confined themselves to more or less word-for-word entries without explanation. A notable feature of the present dictionary is the provision in the Welsh-English side of numerous illustrative examples taken from actual native speech and writing.
Another innovation concerns the consonant mutations – all instances of mutation (except fossilized/fixed mutation) are explicitly indicated by special typographical signs throughout the dictionary on both sides. This is to make the system of mutations and their patterns of occurrence transparent and therefore no longer a matter of guesswork for the inexperienced student.
Some particularly important or difficult aspects of Welsh grammar and usage are discussed at greater length in separate half-page or full-page boxes. In addition, a summary of the grammatical structures and mechanisms of Welsh is given in the Grammar Reference section.

  • Comprehensive coverage of contemporary Welsh
  • Thousands of examples to show how the language works in context
  • Special notes on the usage of complex and frequently used words
  • Full guide to pronunciation
  • Quick-reference lists of countries, regions, cities, and languages


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