The Welsh Vocabulary of the Bangor District

the welsh vocabulary of the bangor district?

The Welsh Vocabulary of the Bangor District
Author: H Fynes-Clinton
Publisher: Oxford Press
Publication date: 1913
Number of pages: 656
Format / Quality: pdf/rar medium
Size: 29.3mb

MY aim in the present book has been to make an accurate record of the words in colloquial use in one clearly defined district in Wales. In a language like Welsh, which at present has no recognized spoken standard, no hard and fast line can be drawn in the spoken language between literary words and those which belong purely to the domain of dialect; and there are probably few words which in their form, use, or pronunciation could be said to be precisely identical in all parts of the country. Hence my design has been not to compile a glossary of a particular dialect but rather a vocabulary of spoken Welsh as represented by the usage in a particular district.

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